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Katrina Kuzmina, 40

Country of Origin: Russia
Place of Residence: Carmichael

"I'm really happy and really proud that I'm a citizen here. Unfortunately, in November I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So today for me is a very important event, because waiting to do this was hard. I'm not sure how much [longer] I will live. I hope I can raise my kids and be with them a long time, but I don't know. My parents are still in Russia and I would like them to come here. Because of my disease I cannot fly or travel to meet them this year. It's always been my dream to create my own art studios for kids—in [Russia] I was a puppet theater actress. So maybe I can do it [here]. I would like to do good things for this country. I've met very good people in America. It's my home. I always feel that God is very near the people in the United States."

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