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Jose "Danny" Gomez, 22

Country of Origin: Mexico
Place of Residence: Redding

"I just can't believe that it's finally happening. I was born in Mexico and came here when I was 2. So my first memories are here in the United States. I think of the United States as my homeland. It's like being adopted, because it's all you know. This is the place I have pride for. And I want to be a patriot here. I'll finally get to vote and be more active politically, and hopefully one day run for office. There are just a lot of things in the country that are going in the wrong direction. I would [normally] probably be pursuing a job in entertainment like being an actor or director, but to actually make an impact in my community and on other people, I'm going to have to run for office and hopefully get elected. I want to do what I can to make changes that will actually benefit people. I would like to get universal healthcare [passed], the minimum wage up to a livable wage and get money out of politics. I've been volunteering with Western Service Workers Association. They go down to the Capitol and voice their opinions on bills and fight for people's rights. I'm hopefully going to get more involved. It's a big deal to be a citizen. I feel like it's definitely possible this will change my life."

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