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Boucane's Smokehouse

Boucane’s chef-owner Nicole Burton’s tri-tip with barbecue sauce made from a secret family recipe. (photos by Max Whittaker)

The peach cobbler at Boucane’sAptly named after the Cajun term for “smoked,” Boucane’s Smokehouse sits in a modest Folsom shopping complex where sibling owners Nicole Burton and Brandon Ivey have been serving up mouthwatering smoked meats since opening for business last June. Every day Burton cooks her signature ribs using a two-part process, grilling them first, then smoking them using pecan and hickory woods before the slabs hit the plate to be smothered in sweet, tangy barbecue sauce (derived from Burton and Ivey’s grandmother in Arkansas). This treatment makes for succulent, sublime morsels of pork that practically leap off the bones to become best friends with your taste buds. The family sauce is liberally used on the slow-smoked meats—the restaurant’s motto is “Don’t Get Lost in the Sauce”—as well as in the house-style baked beans, a delicious take on the traditional side with ground beef and a rich, garlicky flavor. Burton keeps it in the family with her other sides, too, like her Mississippi grandmother’s potato salad—an intriguing, creamy mixture of finely chopped potatoes and onions in a tart mustard-based dressing. Burton and Ivey, who plan to open a second location in El Dorado Hills (where Burton resides) this fall, finish off their cozy eatery with a rich red interior, wrought-iron accents, sounds of jazz, and a welcoming staff who exude Southern hospitality—an atmosphere that makes even first-time visitors feel like family.
—Jessica Rine

329 E. Bidwell St. Folsom. 817-1015.

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