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September 2017


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Eat, Drink, Play, Love
Glamping in yurts? A bicycle-themed tasting room? A fried chicken shack owned by a Michelin-starred chef? This is not your father’s Napa and Sonoma. Whether you’re planning a high-energy day trip or a relaxing weekend, here’s our guide to cool and surprising ways to explore wine country in style.




Eyes in the Sky
If the only glimpses you’ve had of our region’s patchwork beauty are through the window of a descending airplane, then you’re in for a visual treat. Take flight with this photographic essay by local drone photographers, whose images capture uncommon views of familiar landscapes and cityscapes.



White Gold
When it comes to the kind of high-end Japanese-style rice that makes star chefs like Nobu Matsuhisa gush, Yuba City’s Montna Farms reigns supreme. Food expert Hank Shaw delves into the fine art of rice farming and discovers why the Sacramento Valley has the white stuff to produce the cream of the crop.



Riverfront Essay
  Crowdfunding websites might be best known for launching cool products, but these days, they’re also being used to help citizens improve their cities, one downtown waterslide at a time. It's time for Sacramento to join the gang.




Riverfront Q&A
After "How did Jack die?" the most burning question during the first season of This Is Us might've been, "Will Toby live?" Happily, the answer to the latter was yes, and Chris Sullivan will resume his role as Kate Pearson's big-hearted fiancé when NBC's breakout hit returns in September. The Gold River-raised actor talks about being part of a TV phenomenon, how he got the theater bug at Jesuit, and what it took to look Marvel-ous in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.



With the new season of the English Premier League about to start, it’s game on for NBC soccer sportscaster Rebecca Lowe; hot Damn, Kendrick Lamar is coming to Golden 1 Center; Pat Benatar hits Thunder Valley with her best shot; chef and food activist Alice Waters sparks conversation in Grass Valley; Pixar’s lucky charm John Ratzenberger and Game of Thrones alum Kristian Nairn convene at the Sacramento Convention Center


Celebrate Thanksgiving every day—with turkey leg confit, stuffing and Brussels sprouts—at the new German-inspired hofbrau Oakhaus; warm up to the red snapper tacos at Midtown’s Cantina Alley and cool down with its Sandia watermelon cocktail; Woodlake Tavern makes art of barbecue, while Amaro takes the Italian job and dishes up authentic pasta and pizza on R Street.


Why Not Here?
How do you spell civic pride? S-A-C-R-A-M-E-N-T-O. Now let’s shout that loud and proud with a bold new city sign.