Flights of Fancy

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Flight of Floats

Alaro Craft Brewery has already carved out a nice niche for itself in the six months since it opened: pairing a panoply of tasty tapas with flights of classic craft beer is just the kind of short-attention-span theater we crave these days. And come time for dessert, the carousel of choices doesn’t slow down one bit. The midtown brewpub lets revelers combine house-made La Luna oatmeal stout or Maine Root organic root beer with soft serve from Petaluma’s Straus Family Creamery in vanilla, dark chocolate or swirl to create a quartet of different beer floats.

Opposites attract, and we love the rich, sweet chocolate dolloped into spicy root beer, and likewise the complex La Luna nitro, brewed from four varieties of oat, is gently tamed by creamy vanilla. “Oatmeal stout on nitro is a perfect blend with that ice cream,” says Alaro owner Ray Ballestero. “It doesn’t have the high carbonation of a traditional beer, so it just gives [the drink] a really velvety, beautiful texture and makes a superior float.” Fans of intensity will love the flavor bomb of dark chocolate paired with stout, while kids (and kids at heart) will gravitate toward the time-honored root beer float with vanilla. Luckily, spoiled for choice like this, you can satisfy your inner child and your outer urban sophisticate all in one sip. $10. 2004 Capitol Ave. 916-436-7711. —Curtis Yee