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Sausage Board

For LowBrau’s executive chef Brock Macdonald, crafting sausage is a sacred act: ritualistic, meditative and requiring focus and devotion. “It’s kinda like going to church,” he says. “You follow the procedure, and you’ll get the same results.” Those results—the crisp snap of the casing, the burst of meaty juices in every bite—are worshipped daily by throngs of LowBrau faithful.

The wide variety of religious experiences on offer—flavors range from sweet to savory to spicy to uncommon—can make it hard to choose just one. So we say, don’t. Order the signature sausage board and pick three (or six) links from the nine types that the midtown beer hall features on the menu. Try the standout chicken, feta and herb sausage, affectionately named Action Bronson after the foodie rapper, or the old-fashioned Polish, a fatty pork dog shot through with mustard seeds and dusky Hungarian paprika. Non-carnivores can join the party too, with vegan choices like the Italian made with eggplant, fennel and garlic. Don’t forget to get a side of the thick and gooey house bier cheese for dunking, or the tangy sauerkraut. Either way, you’ll find yourself saying “amen” after every sinfully delicious bite. $22 (for three sausages) or $40 (for six links). 1050 20th St. 916-706-2636. —Curtis Yee