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Ice Cream Sampler

Forget about the three-scoop ice cream sundae, with its cluttered razzmatazz and cherry on top. When ice cream is as good as the treat handcrafted by The Porch’s pastry chef, Tristine McKee, every distinctive flavor deserves to stand alone. The Lowcountry-inspired midtown restaurant’s ice cream sampler, with its trio of scoops each heaped in its own mini mason jar, is a three-ring circus for your mouth, packing enough entertainment value (and frozen goodness) for a table of four.

McKee only makes about a gallon of each kind, and once it’s gone, she’s likely to churn up something entirely new, so don’t expect to find the same assortment on the menu twice. But do expect delectable, authentic spoonfuls, such as the caramel apple, featuring Granny Smith apples that have kept a hint of their fresh crunch and a swirl of salted caramel, and the recent pumpkin latte, made with vanilla nut coffee and squash that McKee roasted by hand. “I don’t use extracts and stuff like that,” she says. “Everything is fresh.” And while other flavors might rotate, always available is the signature buttermilk, which is rich and smooth as a Southern drawl with a tangy, twangy finish. I scream, y’all scream, we all scream for this house-made ice cream. $9. 1815 K St. 916-444-2423. —Hillary Louise Johnson