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Photo by Jeremy Sykes

Sweater Weather

Let’s be clear, Sweater Weather is not an ironic, ugly-hip Christmas jumper of a drink. There is nothing faux-tacky happening in this glass of caramel-colored liquid topped with a sexy swirl of whipped cream and an aromatic dusting of nutmeg. No, the brand-new, aptly named cocktail at R Street’s Bottle & Barlow is a class act that’s as luxe and smooth as cashmere. Bar manager Jenna Roberts came up with it a little over a year ago when someone challenged her to create a concoction based on the popular Fireball cinnamon whiskey, Sazerac’s spicy yet awfully sweet offering. “When we decided to put it on the menu, we took the Fireball element out and [replaced it with] a house-spiced whiskey,” Roberts says. The only sweetness now comes from a hint of apple juice. With additional whiffs of allspice, cinnamon and rooibos tea, the tipple tastes a bit like a caramel apple, but with a surprising, sophisticated grace note: that whipped cream topping is spiked with sea salt, for an unexpected savory nip. Pro tip: You’ll be tempted to stir, but resist, as the sweet-hot/salty-cool contrast is more playful and delightful. “It has a layered effect,” Roberts agrees. $10. 1120 R St. 916-379-7719. bottleandbarlow.comH.L.J.

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