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Photo by Jeremy Sykes

Hot Minty Chai

Not many cocktails put you in the mood to bust a yoga move or assume the lotus position, but that’s the kind of feel-good vibe you’ll get from the Veg Cafe & Bar’s Hot Minty Chai, a drink that’s deceptively warm yet cool, yin yet yang, and perfect for pairing with your favorite brunch item—we like it in lieu of dessert after the warm winter salad with Brussels sprouts, arugula and delicata squash. Owner Suleka Sun-Lindley, who opened the midtown establishment above her family’s popular Thai Basil restaurant in 2016, modeled the cocktail after her favorite ski lodge beverage, Tea & Sympathy, a blend of hot tea and Grand Marnier. “I wanted a creamy [version],” Sun-Lindley says. Her variation, like the cafe’s menu, blends international flavors, pairing hot chai tea with mint-infused steamed almond milk, along with a jigger of spiced Kraken rum and a splash of Rumple Minze, a German peppermint liqueur that goes down easy but packs a 100-proof punch. Lightweights need not worry: The potent potable is served with a pot of plain tea so you can adjust the drink’s intensity. Just say when and “om.” $10.50. 2431 J St. 916-448-8768. Hillary Louise Johnson

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