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Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

  • International

Essential Information

1346 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95825

Fulton Avenue is home to a surprisingly diverse array of cuisines—Moroccan, Lebanese, Indian and more—and a newer arrival has added Ethiopian to the mix. The ultra-friendly, accommodating Abyssinia, which opened last August, is a little on the bare-bones side when it comes to the setting, but the lavishness of the food— presented, in traditional Ethiopian style, on vast round plates lined with injera (a spongy, sour flatbread, also used for scooping up your dinner)—more than makes up for it. Dabs of various wots (stews), tibs (sautéed meat), curries and vegetables adorn the flatbread rounds, like paint on an artist’s palette. Many items are spicy (like the kifto—rare beef spiked with red pepper, like an incendiary tartare), but milder items like the chicken tibs are great for kids, and there’s a wide choice of vegetarian options like the gomen wot (collard greens). Confused about what to order? Go straight for the sampler plates, which will give you some of everything. And for something cold to offset all that heat, try the light, refreshing Ethiopian beers.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Arden

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