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Anatolian Table

  • Turkish

Essential Information

6815 Lonetree Blvd
Rocklin, CA

An otherwise bland strip-mall location is enlivened with ornate objets d’art like hanging glass-mosaic light fixtures and traditional Tukish copper plates, but the real focus is the authentically Turkish fare. A long menu of specialties ranges from the expected (lamb kebabs) to the surprising, such as manti (ravioli-like dumplings) and fried zucchini pancake. Don’t miss the appetizer platters, large plates loaded with an array of cold spreads and vegetable dips, arranged like the spokes of a wheel: smoky eggplant purée, hummus and more, all with a puffy, fresh pita bread for dipping. Other hits include pides (boat-shaped meat or vegetable pies) and the grilled meats and fish dishes.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Rocklin

Average Entrée Price: $10-$20


Offering: Outdoor Seating

Website: http://www.anatoliantable.com/web/