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  • Italian

Essential Information

2801 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA

First lady and patron saint of Italianate cooking Biba Caggiano is nearly in a class by herself. Not many Sacramento chefs can claim cookbook or television fame (including multiple appearances on The Martha Stewart Show), but that’s not what draws devotees to her namesake eatery. Biba is a thoroughly grown-up affair—its décor and dishes are classically rendered and artfully composed. The gnocchi and stuffed pastas of the day are unfailingly outstanding; no matter what else you order, one of these delectable choices is a must. Lighter offerings include spaghetti carbonara and a roasted beet salad with seasonal toppings like pistachios, white endive and sweet onions. Fun fact: Former Speaker of the Assembly and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is a longtime patron.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Midtown

Average Entrée Price: above $20


Offering: Valet

Website: https://www.biba-restaurant.com