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Broderick Roadhouse

  • American

Essential Information

319 6th St.
West Sacramento, CA

Envision the perfect divey roadhouse out on a country road, where the bartenders are old hands who pour the drinks stiff and the lighting is coolly dim. Now add a full menu of hearty, from-scratch pub fare, with an emphasis on crazy-big burgers and sandwiches like the Johnny Cash burger, with pepper-crusted beef, cheddar cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, house-pickled peppers, onion crisps and house-made barbecue sauce. Now imagine all that is only five minutes from downtown Sacramento. Great news: You’ve just conjured up Broderick Roadhouse. You won’t want to miss items like the inventive dressed fries (one iteration is topped with banh mi fillings like pork, jalapeños and pickled vegetables) or the duck burger with house-made fig and pear jam, garlic aioli, arugula, onion crisps and a cheddar cheese skirt.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: West Sacramento

Price: $$