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  • French, International

Essential Information

2700 24th St.
Sacramento, CA 95818

There was long a surprising dearth of good crepe places in Sacramento, but no more. Certainly not since Crepeville started its mini-invasion of the area a few years back. Starting in Davis, then expanding to midtown Sacramento and Curtis Park, Crepeville brings an impressive menu and a comfortable neighborhood feel to each location. From extraordinary crepe dishes to fresh sandwiches, salads and seafood entrées, the chalkboard wall menu lays out your options. Feel like a breakfast crepe at 9 p.m.? Pas de problème! Or perhaps a dessert crepe at breakfast? Our favorite: the caramel apple crepe, with thinly sliced apples in a warm caramel sauce and topped with true whipped cream. If you really want to go authentic, try the one with chocolatey Nutella (peanut butter is optional).

Additional Information

Average Entrée Price: $10 and under


Offering: Outdoor Seating