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Republic Bar & Grill

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Essential Information

908 15th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

In this era of austerity, it takes a bold man to cash out his 401(k) and bet it all on a Sunkist-colored mobile
kitchen with painted flames serving grilled sandwiches with phenomenal fillings like Korean braised beef and kimchi or slow-roasted pulled pork paired with mac and cheese. But that’s exactly what Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich did last year, and now he’s doubled down on Republic Bar & Grill Featuring Drewski’s, a brick-and-mortar establishment that opened downtown in February. Sacramento’s MoFo scene was born from equal parts rebellion and practicality, and both are on display at Republic, which feels like the cavernous living room of a slightly debauched, 20-something millionaire, complete with flat screen TVs, pool tables, vintage arcade games and Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys. Almost everything on Drewski’s comfort food menu can be described as crispy, cheesy or meaty (even some of the salads), but somehow, it’s irresistible and even inspired, like the chicken strips breaded in smashed Cap’n Crunch cereal or the deep-fried smoked bacon mac and cheese balls. And while some of Drewski’s creations might seem a bit out there, his foodie ethics are on point—all produce and bread are locally sourced.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Downtown

Average Entrée Price: $10-$20

Serving: Dinner

Offering: Outdoor Seating

Website: https://www.republicsac.com