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Ryu Jin Ramen House

  • Japanese

Essential Information

1831 S St.
Sacramento , CA

The word “ramen” is right there in the name of Sacramento, so it should come as no surprise that our fair city has enjoyed a flowering of Japanese noodle houses. Friendly Ryu Jin, tucked into the shopping center that houses the S Street Safeway, wins plenty of hearts and minds not only with its toothsome noodles, but also with the diversity of its menu and soup toppings: In addition to basic broths like shio (sea salt) and shoyu (soy), the restaurant carries a wide range of tonkotsu (pork-based) soups, including a black ramen soup topped with fragrant black garlic oil, and spicy red ramen, with savory add-ins like red ginger and seasoned eggs. Other offerings include rice bowls, cold ramen dishes (great during hot summer days) and appetizers like gyoza and boiled Japanese sausage.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Midtown

Average Entrée Price: $10 and under


Offering: Outdoor Seating

Website: http://ryujinramen.com