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Photo courtesy of Milestone Restaurant

The Toast

Milestone Restaurant

“I’m a peasant food guy,” says Nick Dedier, chef-owner of the comfort-food-focused Milestone Restaurant in the El Dorado Hills Town Center. “Good French peasant food is one of my favorite things. Any spreadable meat on toast really speaks [to me].”

So when a friend came into his eatery about a year after it opened in 2015 requesting liver, Dedier improvised and sent out chopped chicken liver with sherry and sautéed mushrooms on toast. His guest loved it. The next day, the friend returned and asked what else he could do.

Dedier had bone marrow on the menu at that time, and he always keeps foie gras on hand. “So I whipped them up and put it on toast,” he said. That was a big hit too.

He has since finessed the latter, which is now known to Milestone regulars simply as “The Toast”—foie gras and bone marrow blended together, spread on a thick slice of toasted brioche, and topped with caramelized onions and smoked sea salt before getting lightly torched. He gets at least three orders a week from diners.

“[The Toast] is super easy and rich. Like, rich,” Dedier says. “It’s something I get to have fun with.”

On the lighter end of the secret-menu spectrum, he offers that he also has “a killer egg salad sandwich that nobody knows about,” made with two slices of sourdough cradling a mixture of eggs, mustard, shallots and a blend of herbs including dill, tarragon, basil, chives and parsley. “It’s one of my favorite things on the planet,” he says. $9. 4359 Town Center Blvd. El Dorado Hills. 916-934-0790.

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