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Photo courtesy of The Monk's Cellar


The Monk’s Cellar

Modeled after a European pub, The Monk’s Cellar brewery and eatery opened in 2014 with a menu boasting Belgian moules frites, cottage pie and a Flemish beef-and-beer stew called carbonnade (pronounced carbon-NOD), the latter of which used a particular Monk’s Cellar Belgian-style brew called Abbey Ale—a wintry beer that co-owner Paul Gould likens to the popular Chimay Red.

But while the first two items are still menu mainstays at the Roseville restaurant, the carbonnade was dropped from the menu in 2016 when one of its main ingredients, the Abbey Ale, was relegated to part-time status during a beer lineup revamp.

Gould says the team attempted to recreate the stew using other beers, but nothing else complemented the dish quite like the Abbey: “Its richness and dark fruit flavors are a great match for the savory flavors of the [stew’s] ingredients,” which include generous chunks of beef, bacon and onions.

Now, each year between late November and late March, the Abbey Ale returns, and with it the carbonnade, but only for those who know to ask for a bowlful. So, yes, raise your glass and warm your belly—this is the winter of our deep content. $16. 240 Vernon St. Roseville. 916-786-6665.

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