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Daddy Chicken

Hawks Restaurant & Hawks Public House

The popular fried chicken at Michael Fagnoni and Molly Hawks’ Granite Bay and Sacramento restaurants is hardly a secret. The husband-wife chef team has been serving the Southern staple at Sunday suppers at Hawks in Granite Bay since shortly after it opened in 2007. And when East Sacramento’s Hawks Public House launched at the end of 2015, it wasn’t long before fried chicken Mondays were implemented. But what most folks don’t know is that you can get fried chicken any day of the week at both restaurants—if you’re a kid, or bring a kid with you.

The secret (read: unprinted) kids’ menu, which is available every day, features the apostrophe-free Daddy Chicken—pieces of Mary’s Free Range Chicken that have been brined overnight in a saltwater bath and smothered in buttermilk and flour before being deep fried—with a side of French fries and ketchup or ranch dressing. The dish was affectionately titled by Hawks and Fagnoni’s oldest daughter Lucy when she was a toddler (now 9, Lucy has gotten her younger siblings, Lauren, 6, and Hudson, 2, hooked on the fried favorite), and the moniker has caught on.

“We always joke about doing a fried chicken restaurant and calling it Daddy Chicken,” Hawks says. “It might just happen someday.” Hawks Public House: $8. 1525 Alhambra Blvd. Hawks Restaurant: $12. 5530 Douglas Blvd. Granite Bay.

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