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July 2017


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Best of the City
Call it the ultimate insider’s list. Want pro tips straight from legendary foodie Darrell Corti? We’ve got you covered. Care to impress your friends by serving house-made soda using exotic yet local shrub syrups in flavors like grape-clove? Check. Craving decadent new desserts to sate your sweet tooth? We present the bacon Butterfinger bonut. Welcome to our carefully curated guide to the best things to taste, places to go and people to meet this year.


A Welcome Home
Cities across the globe are searching for answers on how to house their homeless populations. A space-age, stackable prefab unit may be the big idea that could help Sacramento lead the nation in compassionate construction.



Greener Acres
The co-creator of Yard Crashers and the owner of Karen’s Bakery in Folsom bought an overgrown 4-acre plot in Orangevale and created a modernist oasis. Take a peek inside the home they built once the brambles were cleared away.



Riverfront Essay
  A new $160 million bridge is planned for the Sacramento River, but the design process is deeply flawed. Here's why we may need to burn a few bridges in order to build a truly great one.



Riverfront Q&A
As the CEO of Sacramento-based Opening Doors, former state Senator Deborah Ortiz helps refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere find their footing in America. The Oak Park native (and granddaughter of immigrants) shares some surprising truths about Sacramento’s refugee population.



The California State Fair returns to its fairy-tale beginning for the commemorative poster marking its 50th anniversary at Cal Expo; pop surrealism comes to the Crocker via an exhibit celebrating 10 years of Hi-Fructose magazine; Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey team up to get concertgoers dancing on the ceiling; Music Circus tells a tale as old as time with a production of Beauty and the Beast


Cozy up to the fire pit at the new Woodlake Tavern in North Sacramento, where chicken pot pie is even better than Mom’s; carnivores and herbivores will find culinary common ground at Beast & Bounty; Solomon’s Delicatessen is about to add a splash of psychedelic color to K Street; a lavish dim sum palace graces Natomas


Why Not Here?
Taking a cue from a small town in Portugal, let’s reinvent what it means to throw shade and festoon our summer streets with a sky full of colorful umbrellas.