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Take a Covid-cautious joyride this fall with these drive-in, drive-thru events

Since Sacramento's traditional outdoor gatherings like concerts and movies in the park are on hold, venues and organizers have taken a cue from an American mainstay—drive-in theaters, steering toward car-centric experiences to ensure physical distancing. From al fresco movies for fall to a moonlit Día de los Muertos celebration with roadside memorials, rolling out has never been so entertaining.

Lights, Camera ... Action

At first, the computer screen looked like any other Zoom meeting waiting to start—the hosts monitored attendees as they logged in and people in little boxes watched other people in little boxes texting on their phones. But as soon as…

Mayor, Redefined

What does it mean to be a mayor? It turns out the answer isn’t so black-and-white. For a hundred years, Sacramentans have hemmed and hawed about whether or not a “strong mayor” system will help or hurt us. In November, we have a chance to push our city forward. Here’s why it’s more important than ever to vote yes for a strong mayor.

Floating Our Boats

The Idea On July 18, as part of a summer festival, a Paris-based movie theater chain hosted an inspired one-night-only event called Le Cinéma sur l’Eau (Cinema on the Water) on a placid canal near the Seine river, where 150…

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