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Jersey Boys

With a new team uniform, Sacramento River Cats players wear their hometown pride on their sleeves

Eye in the Sky

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s 20-year-old Dusty Schuh, putting his best feet forward in his awe-inspiring, vertigo-inducing photographs of Sacramento

The Vinyl Frontier

Since 2007, when Dilyn Radakovitz, owner of the Sacramento-based Dimple Records chain, helped create Record Store Day, the national event has grown into a beloved rite of spring for music collectors across America. With this year’s celebration on track for Saturday, April 18, and with the recent resurgence in interest for LPs, we’ve spun up a list of the region’s coolest vinyl vendors.

Actress Analeigh Tipton

Three years after her breakthrough performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love, Analeigh Tipton is revisiting matters of the heart this fall as the star of the new ABC comedy Manhattan Love Story. The 25-year-old actress and America’s Next Top Model alum talks about being in a New York state of mind, bonding with Steve Carell over figure skating, and getting the film bug at St. Francis High School.