No Annexation Without Representation

A billion-dollar plan to demolish and rebuild the State Capitol annex, design an underground visitors center, and dig up part of our historic Capitol Park for an exclusive parking garage for legislators is at least partly ill-conceived and entirely ill-timed. But there is the potential to create something great, if we just invite more people into “the people’s house.”

Mayor, Redefined

What does it mean to be a mayor? It turns out the answer isn’t so black-and-white. For a hundred years, Sacramentans have hemmed and hawed about whether or not a “strong mayor” system will help or hurt us. In November, we have a chance to push our city forward. Here’s why it’s more important than ever to vote yes for a strong mayor.

Send in the Cones

Months into a global pandemic, cities around the world are racing to reimagine their streets so that more of us can walk, bike, exercise and commute more safely. Unfortunately, when it comes to this critical public health issue, Sacramento finds itself backpedaling once again.

Arch de Triumph

The final design for our newest bridge will be selected soon, but the choice is already clear. The Solar Arch eclipses all other contenders.

A New Breed of Zoo

As the city weighs the pros and cons of a far larger zoo, it’s asking where, when and how much. But the most important question should be, “What do we want to build?” We offer a starting point for a conversation about conservation.

The Big Picture

In the world of performing arts centers, a funny thing happened on the way to profitability: Hollywood movies. Here’s how Sacramento can become a star of stage and screen.

A Bridge with Curve Appeal

A new architect has been selected to design a $172 million bridge planned for the Sacramento River. Early ideas include observation decks, High Line-style landscaping and a soaring arch. We weigh in. You can too.

A Tale of Two Towers

In recent months, proposals emerged for two of the last opportunity sites on Capitol Mall. Each tells a very different story about civic ambition, smart planning and political prudence, or the lack thereof.

The Upside of Underpasses

There’s a growing global phenomenon in which community parks and other highly desirable public spaces are popping up beneath freeways and railway lines. It’s time for us to take a look under the hood as well.

Take Me to the River

With our new science center and planetarium finally breaking ground and connecting us with the stars, perhaps it's time to set our sights back down on Earth.

Don’t Trash Sacramento

Cities around the world are fighting litter, so as the capital city adjusts to its new place in the national spotlight, it’s time to clean up our act.

Staging Sacramento

With downtown on the rise, more people than ever will be visiting our central city soon. As the doors open to millions of new guests, it’s time to look at some small ways to think big.

The Rules of Attractions

With all the recent talk of transforming Sacramento into a “destination city,” it’s time to figure out just what that means. And do we have the vision—and the money—to make it happen?

Taking It to the Streets

Many of today’s most celebrated civic improvement efforts were started by people who were once called troublemakers. Now, we call many of those same people placemakers. It’s time to stir up some more trouble, right here in River City.

We the People

Crowdfunding websites might be best known for launching cool products, but these days, they’re also being used to help citizens improve their cities, one downtown waterslide at a time.

Spanning the Future

A new $160 million bridge is planned for the Sacramento River, but the design process is deeply flawed. Here’s why we may need to burn a few bridges in order to build a truly great one.

Spinning Our Wheels

Despite having one of the country’s great biking paths along the American River, Sacramento is trailing the nation when it comes to safe urban cycling options. It’s time to shift gears.

Walk This Way

Downtown’s K Street recently marked five years as a non-pedestrian mall. So it has cars on it. Sort of. Well, most days, but not during fun times. It’s complicated, but it shouldn’t be.

A Star Attraction

A bold plan to build a dramatic new planetarium has cratered. But if we act fast, we have a shot at the greatest dome in town since the Capitol.

Conventional Unwisdom

The city is in danger of making an epically bad decision about our convention center. It turns out we’ve made this same mistake before—twice.

A Time for Change

Sacramento is the only major city in California with a part-time city council. So when did we get the monopoly on wisdom? (Answer: We didn’t.)

The Resurrection of Zaha Hadid

Five years ago, our region botched the chance to build a bold structure designed by one of the world’s greatest architects. Now she’s gone. Let’s bring her spirit back.

An Open and Shut Case

The front doors of the State Capitol first opened before Edison invented the light bulb. It’s time to shed some light on why they were locked in 2014 and correct this Capitol offense.

The Brutalist Truth

Sacramento is brimming with optimism these days, but a proposal to spend up to $80 million to fix one of our city’s worst buildings is recklessly pessimistic. It’s time for this plan to exit stage left.