A State of Disrepair

The state of California is trying to decide if it’s going to spend $155 million to repair an office building that cost $15 million to construct. Isn’t there a better solution? We’re glad you asked.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

For decades, civic and state leaders have tried—and failed—to conjure a Capitol Mall worthy of its namesake building. Now is the time to sharpen our focus on our city’s grandest gateway.


As Sacramento’s farm-to-fork identity takes root, now is the time to replant our region’s biggest farmers’ market in a location that honors our agricultural heritage, not “cements” it.

When Public Art Fails

As the debate about public art and money reaches a fever pitch in Sacramento, part of the conversation needs to focus on the larger civic cost when this kind of art fails. Here’s why the biggest public art debacle in our city’s history may also be one of its greatest opportunities.

Nightmare on Elm Streets

Long before we became known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramentans beamed with pride at the moniker the City of Trees. But one of the trees responsible for that label is disappearing at an alarming rate. Here’s why we need to stem the losses before it’s too late.

Zoo Station

For years, the concept of a passenger train running from Old Sacramento to the Sacramento Zoo has been stalled by one obstacle after the next. Now is the time to get this wild idea back on track.

Project Runway

Sacramento to London? Beijing? Austin, maybe? Cities all across the country are aggressively pursuing new nonstop flights in a race to lure new companies and keep the ones they already have. Here’s why it’s critical that we help SMF to Score More Flights.

A Little Less Conversation

For decades, Sacramento’s political leaders have watched windows of opportunity slam shut as they talk until they’re blue in the face. Now we have a chance to let our current and future mayors do exactly what we elect them to do—lead.

The Aggie Express

Civic leaders around the world are working hard to attract the best and brightest young minds to their respective cities. Meanwhile, we’re losing thousands per year. Here’s how to get back on the right track.

Google Eyes

We’ve proven that we can come together to help launch successful small businesses. Now let’s get creative about attracting some new Googles here, too.

Bold Sacramento

With the new arena coming to downtown, Old Sacramento has an opportunity to shine like never before. Here are a few ideas to turn something old into something bold.

Troubled Waters

The historic Capitol fountain has been standing sentry in front of our city’s most celebrated building since the 1920s, but empty symbolism has kept the water from flowing for years. This is one drought that we can actually do something about.

Return of the JFDI

Thanks to some bold thinkers, Sacramento is on the verge of a civic renaissance, the likes of which it hasn’t seen since the Transcontinental Railroad. But at least one big project-in-waiting could derail a brighter future for the arts.

A Sleeping Green Giant

A decade ago, Joe Genshlea envisioned an urban park downtown that would rival the biggest and best in America. A lack of political courage and leadership stopped it in its tracks. Here’s why we need to revive it, and why there’s no time to waste.

Looking for a Square Deal

Once the site of Sacramento’s most ambitious building project, 301 Capitol Mall may be in play again. But will it rise to the occasion? Here’s why CalPERS holds the future of our grandest boulevard in its hands.


The Kings are staying and Sacramento finally has a shot at getting the urban core it deserves. We have a few ideas for it.

Almond Joy

With Sacramento’s new emphasis on its farm-to-fork merits, there’s never been a better reason to bring back the Blue Diamond almond factory tours that helped put our local food on the world map. It’s time to polish this diamond in the rough.

A Critical Stage

Sacramento’s Community Center Theater is gearing up for a multi-year renovation, but may be missing the role of a lifetime. As the heart of the Sacramento performing arts scene, here’s how to keep this comedy of errors from becoming a civic tragedy.

Veto the Vote

Regardless of whether the Kings decide to stay or go, it’s time to start treating the arena issue like every other major project we undertake for the good of the people. And that means not asking the people what’s good for them.

A Fair Assessment

With a new CEO on board, the California State Fair has a chance to start fresh and live up to the grand plans made by Cal Expo’s creators nearly 50 years ago. A little Disney magic might just do the trick.

Massive Appeal

We have a lot of great public art in Sacramento, but we’re woefully short on the kinds of large-scale works that help create a sense of place. It’s time to think big.

Food for Thought

For decades, our region has struggled to find its national identity. But actually, it’s been here all along. Who knew that dirt would be so much more valuable than gold?

Hotel Lobbying

Sacramento’s grandest historic hotel has been lost for decades. But with a new owner taking over, now is the time to reclaim a key part of our civic narrative. Sometimes you need to look backward to move forward.

School Ties

Sacramento has never done enough to pay tribute to its celebrated native sons and daughters, but it’s not too late to learn our lesson.