Low Rent, High Design

A developer with roots in Davis is building affordable mid-century-modern housing for a Palm Springs neighborhood, proving that equity and aesthetics can co-exist. Color us inspired.

The Call of the Wild

Our region is a hiker’s paradise, but the one part that isn’t so heavenly is the pitiful state of restroom pit stops. One Colorado group has engineered a dignified solution.

Mayor, Redefined

What does it mean to be a mayor? It turns out the answer isn’t so black-and-white. For a hundred years, Sacramentans have hemmed and hawed about whether or not a “strong mayor” system will help or hurt us. In November, we have a chance to push our city forward. Here’s why it’s more important than ever to vote yes for a strong mayor.

The Rules of Attractions

With all the recent talk of transforming Sacramento into a “destination city,” it’s time to figure out just what that means. And do we have the vision—and the money—to make it happen?

Now Boarding

Sacramento’s airport needs hotel rooms and the city needs more civic amenities. A hotel in Stockholm presents a creative sleepover solution. Let’s land our own dream liner.

We the People

Crowdfunding websites might be best known for launching cool products, but these days, they’re also being used to help citizens improve their cities, one downtown waterslide at a time.