Why Not

The Shapes of Water

In cities like Venice and London, rivers and canals are doubling as gallery spaces, displaying art like no walls ever could. Let’s make some waves in the art world, too.

Go Climb a Bridge

Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge has become one of Australia top attractions. It's time for us to scale new heights as well.

Parking Attendance

In London, local visionaries capitalized on a dying civic asset—the parking garage—to create a sculpture garden, painters’ studios and even an observation deck, all in an effort to boost an arts-fueled neighborhood. Guess what? It worked.

Let's Get Small

In cities around the world, mini museums are big hits. When it comes to creating new civic attractions, it’s time for Sacramento to exhibit a little initiative.

Now Boarding

Sacramento’s airport needs hotel rooms and the city needs more civic amenities. A hotel in Stockholm presents a creative sleepover solution. Let’s land our own dream liner.

Street Art

Across the globe, cities are turning crosswalks into painted placemakers. Sacramento, it’s time to walk this way.

Signs of the Times

In the age of social media, cities from Amsterdam to Toronto are recognizing the branding value of civic photo ops and making typography part of their urban topography.

Made in the Shade

In Portugal, a fanciful art project that used little more than everyday umbrellas unfolded into a global tourist attraction. Sacramento should take this idea to the streets and go under cover, too.

Ready Set Glow

In Poland and the Netherlands, luminescent bike lanes light the way for cyclists. As a burgeoning bike mecca, it’s time for Sacramento to follow their path.

A Rainbow Connection

In Seoul, a bridge outfitted with LEDs and fountains shoots water over the Han River and puts on kaleidoscopic light shows. We can think of another river city where a similar display might make a splash.

A Train of Thought

Sacramento just acquired its first Jeff Koons sculpture, but another is available that was actually inspired by our city’s history. And unlike most trains, its timing couldn’t be better.

Just Add Water

In cities like Seattle and Boston, artists are creating temporary sidewalk designs that are only revealed when it rains. With winter in our sights, let’s have our own rainy day fun.

A New Hope

After being rejected by San Francisco and Chicago, George Lucas still needs a home for his Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Let’s form a rebel alliance against competing cities and get him here.

Thunder Dome

From sea to shining sea, state capitols are taking center stage at spectacular Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve celebrations. It happened here once, too. Let’s do it again.

A Culture of Sculpture

In towns across the globe, sculpture festivals spotlight art and artists, all while adding to a city’s urban fabric. We too should set our artists loose on the streets of Sacramento.

Plane Spotting

At airports throughout the world, creative new observation decks are giving both locals and travelers a first-class view of the friendly skies. Let’s find a way to get a similar venture off the ground at Sacramento International.

Gimme Shelter

In Pittsburgh, a local music collective converted an everyday bus shelter into a pint-sized jazz club this past summer. Here’s why we should create our own sidewalk symphony.

Tree Mail

When Melbourne, Australia, assigned each of its trees an individual email address, they hoped residents would write in to report damaged or dying trees. Instead, the elms, oaks and others received an altogether unexpected form of communication -- love letters. We think Melbourne is barking up the right tree.

Aqua Duck

Since 2007, a Dutch artist’s massive rubber ducks have been enthralling audiences in coastal and river cities around the world, bringing both whimsy and tangible economic impacts. Why don’t we take a quack at it?

Silo Night

Port cities like Buffalo and Minneapolis are turning crop storage silos into star attractions. It’s time for this port city to find the culture in agriculture and start making the most of these concrete canvases.

For the Record

From Cleveland to Nashville, music-themed museums draw huge numbers across the country, but each is limited by the genre it celebrates. We should create the ultimate music museum by honoring the ultimate music institution: Tower Records.

Right as Rain

This year, California was hit by a serious drought, with more dry spells predicted in coming decades. It’s time to get creative and save water for a non-rainy day by building our own tower of showers.

The Nuclear Options

It’s been 25 years since Sacramento’s sole nuclear power plant was shuttered. Other cities have turned their aging cooling towers into hot commodities. Maybe we can, too.

Green is the New Black

With few public options for recycling in Sacramento, it’s time to trash our old way of thinking and create some stylish new ways to make our streets and parks as clean as our conscience.