Why Not

Farm to Snack

In Chicago and Philadelphia, entrepreneurs are turning the vending machine concept on its head by offering everything from locally made snacks to farm-fresh salads. Why not turn our region's own bounty into the ultimate fast food?

Painting the Town

In cities around the world, artists are using large building façades as blank canvases, transforming urban blocks into massive outdoor museums. With an abundance of local buildings that fit the bill, it’s time to curate our own civic gallery.

A Walk on the Wild Side

This may be the City of Trees, but when it comes to getting a good look at these majestic plants, we humans are a vertically challenged bunch. Let’s take a walk among giants.

Bridge Party

Many of us here are proud of our River City status, even though it’s no secret that we’ve never connected with our riverfront the way we should. But in cities like Portland and Pasadena, people have found a way to turn some of their oldest structures—their bridges—into their newest attractions.

A River Runs Through It

The Sacramento region exists largely because of its rivers, yet we still rarely connect with them. So let’s take a cue from Tahoe and Portland, which give their residents and tourists a window into the secret lives of their wild waterways.

Spin City

Around the world, cities are dressing up their skylines and energizing downtowns and waterfronts with shiny new observation wheels. This is one idea that Sacramento should take out for a spin.

Container Enthusiasm

In cities around the world, steel shipping containers are being used to create stylish and quirky pop-up shops, cafe and hotels. With our own deep-water port and long shipping history, it’s time for Sacramento to be the world’s newest pop-up city.

A Fork in the River

In Oregon and Idaho, rafting trips combine nature with riverfront farm-to-fork dining. With stunning rivers, great weather and a rich agricultural heritage here at home, why not feed ourselves on the river that feeds our land?

Moving Images

In Chicago and Moscow, local artists and museums have transformed train cars into mobile galleries and one-of-a-kind art events. Here’s why Sacramento’s second Saturday needs to get on board, too.

Keys to the City

In more than 30 cities around the world, a British artist has placed pianos in public spaces to encourage citizens to sit down and play, creating a landscape filled with pop-up urban concerts. Why not bring the sound of music to the streets of Sacramento?

Hope Floats

Hot air balloon festivals are hot. Festivals from Reno to Russia are drawing huge crowds every year, and for good reason. Balloons paint the sky with vibrant shapes and colors, like fireworks during daylight.

Trunk Show

In cities like Seattle, Vancouver and Melbourne, an Australian installation artist is “painting” trees to raise awareness of global deforestation. It also happens to be beautiful. Here in the City of Trees, we should take some brushes to our branches.

Cover Art

In Seattle and Vancouver, people are looking down on art these days. Literally. That’s because manhole covers are being transformed into whimsical works of urban design. With a little imagination, our streets, too, can be paved with good inventions.

Skyline Cinema

From Austin to Australia, rooftop theaters are blending the best of outdoor films with vertical vistas and lofty lounges. With the best summer nights on the planet, Sacramento is ideally situated to host the ultimate screening room with a view.

Time Machines

You don’t need to be H.G. Wells to dream of time traveling. Many cities are telling their own stories using historic tours to preserve their distinctive identities. After all, what better way to journey through history than by sitting in a piece of it?

Where the Streets Have Two Names

The practice of bestowing honorary street names on illustrious locals is a fast-growing trend. Imagine living on Oprah Winfrey Way in Chicago or Austin’s Willie Nelson Boulevard. Here’s why we need to pave the way for our own Avenue Q-Rating.

Candles in the Wind

In many Asian countries, a centuries-old tradition of releasing lanterns into the sky has captured the imagination of millions, though the concept has been on a slow boat to America. But now San Antonio has given us a roadmap to these man-made stars.

A Santa Cause

You may not be thinking about Santa in June, but the folks at New York's Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are busy as elves. They're also gearing up for parades in Portland and Seattle. Why not put an improved Sacramento Santa Parade on our civic wish list?

Political Theater

From San Francisco to Boston and Minneapolis to Austin, small-scale, localized theater productions have captured the imaginations of locals and visitors alike for years on end. Here’s why we should have our own show that must go on (and on)

The Big Gipper

In state capitals across the country, memorials stand in tribute to our past presidents. From Austin to Boston, larger-than-life statues not only honor our country’s leaders, but also remind people of the role those cities played in their lives. It’s time to put politics aside and cast our own bronze star here.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

For decades, movies and cartoons have borrowed heavily from classical music. But now, from L.A. to Decatur, Illinois, orchestras are turning the tables. Perhaps it’s time to lower our lights, turn on the projector and try a little Bugs with our Brahms.

Raising the Roof

Cities everywhere are discovering the environmental (and aesthetic) benefits of green roofs. And from Chicago to Austin, city halls that are setting the example. As a city with our own green ambitions, isn’t it time we planted some seeds of change?

The Pour de France

In recent decades, American cities have begun celebrating Bastille Day—July 14—with a waiters’ race modeled after a historic Parisian competition. It mixes tradition and civility with modern-day philanthropy and urban excitement. On your mark, get set, Bordeaux!

Up in the Air

With no observation decks in Sacramento, only a few lucky high-rise office workers and helicopter traffic reporters get a bird’s-eye view of our town. But in cities like Chicago and Houston, tethered balloons are giving locals and visitors a whole new reason to look up