Sactown Magazine - February-March 2018

The Other Red "Meat"

The newest breed of vegan burgers popping up on restaurant menus around the region are so juicy and, well, meaty, they won’t have you wondering, “Where’s the beef?”

Kitchen Confidential

Psst, can you keep a secret? Well, we can’t, especially ones this delicious. When it comes to eating out, there are few pleasures as satisfying (not to mention impressive) as ordering an amazing dish that’s not on the menu. It’s a privilege typically reserved for regulars and insiders—and now you. We tracked down 20 under-the-radar restaurant gems—from a peanut butter, jelly and sriracha burger to a gourmet Ding Dong—that are for your eyes (and taste buds) only. Hungry? Scroll down to start your covert culinary mission.

The Scene Setter

If dining out is a theatrical experience, then Sacramento interior designer Whitney Johnson may be the city’s leading set designer, crafting visual feasts to complement the edible art on our plates. From the Shady Lady Saloon’s lush Gold Rush bordello look to Hook & Ladder’s hipster-historic vibe and Kru’s Tokyo-inspired elevated elegance, she’s curating the culinary environment for some of the city’s most accomplished chefs and bar masters. And she’s just getting started. With a bevy of savory new projects about to be launched, the 31-year-old Rocklin native is more poised than ever to design and conquer.

Author Melissa Dahl

As the editor of "New York" magazine’s blog Science of Us, Melissa Dahl spends her days exploring some of the most intriguing scientific notions, research and revelations in the news. In her first book, "Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness" (out Feb. 13), she guides readers on a funny and enlightening tour through one of her favorite topics. The Sacramento State alumna talks about the upside of awkwardness, battling “cringe attacks,” and why nothing—not even Valentine’s Day—is as cringeworthy as it might seem.

Staging Sacramento

With downtown on the rise, more people than ever will be visiting our central city soon. As the doors open to millions of new guests, it’s time to look at some small ways to think big.

Let's Get Small

In cities around the world, mini museums are big hits. When it comes to creating new civic attractions, it’s time for Sacramento to exhibit a little initiative.

The New B Hive

B Street Theatre—led by co-founder Buck Busfield—has finally moved from its humble warehouse space outside East Sacramento to splashy new digs in the heart of midtown. Enter, stage left: The Sofia.