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French Po-Boys One

Cuisine: American

Essential Information

6948 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95820

This destination-worthy hole-in-the-wall dishes up perfect N’awlins-style sandwiches. Now, you can get your po’boy filled with roast beef, hamburger or any number of land-based options, but the magic happens on the seafood side of the menu—oysters, shrimp or swai fish are dredged in cornmeal and fried to order, so they burst with briny juice. Either way, the meat is served on a lofty, freshly baked baguette with a toothy, brittle crust and topped with cool shredded lettuce, tomato, and the house “orange sauce,” a creamy, spicy dressing that’s just runny enough to soak into the fluffy interior of the bread. Pro tip: Whatever your order, tack on a large side of the orange sauce for 50 cents—you’ll want to double-dip everything in it, including your fingers.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Tahoe Park
Average Entrée Price: $10 and under
Serving: Dinner, Lunch