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Shabu Japanese Fondue

Cuisine: Japanese

Essential Information

1730 16th St., Sacramento, CA 95811

Shabu-shabu means “swish-swish” in Japanese, and that’s what you do with your food at this first-in-Sacramento Japanese fondue restaurant, where you cook thinly sliced meats and veggies in hot, bubbling broth. Although Shabu offers sushi and other dishes, the fondue is the real draw. Order your own pot, or if you’re on sharing terms with your companion, order a communal tub. Either way, newbies may want to opt for the assortment, which gets you vegetables like crunchy cabbage, savory shiitakes, fat udon noodles and several meats. New to cooking? Staff can guide you: start with vegetables, which take the longest to cook, then add slippery noodles. Once the broth is really boiling, quick-cook the meats—rich Kobe beef and lamb may take about 10 seconds or so to reach medium-rare; chicken, which should be fully cooked and opaque, 15-20 seconds.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Midtown
Average Entrée Price: $10-$20
Serving: Dinner, Lunch