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Dinky Doughnuts

With Krispy Kreme a distant memory in Sacramento, the only place to watch fresh, hot doughnuts roll off the assembly line these days is the brand-new Danny’s Mini Donuts in Old Sacramento. The tiny golden orbs of dough, flavored on the spot with chocolate, vanilla, caramel, cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar are made fresh to order all day long in this tiny corner shop (which also carries mini versions of other sweets like cookies, cupcakes and turnovers) across the street from the railroad museum. A six-pack is $4, and a hot dozen will only set you back $6. Homer Simpson would swoon. Dough! 900 2nd St. 498-9255. dannysminidonuts.com

Food Revolution

They’re big in Portland, Austin and Los Angeles, but here in Sacramento, mobile food operators are treated almost as poorly as fugitives—they have to keep moving every 30 minutes. Happily, the organizers of the first annual SactoMoFo (Mobile Food) Festival proved there’s a hunger for high-quality meals on wheels, and drew nearly 10,000 eager eaters to their one-day celebration on April 30 in Fremont Park with out-of-town vendors like Chairman Bao, Seoul on Wheels and Curry Up Now, and new local trucks like Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen and MiniBurger Truck. Here’s hoping the city will soon reverse its arcane laws and get on board with this truly tasty trend. www.sactomofo.com

Sweet (Potato)

Sure, we love any kind of fries. But when they’re sweet potato fries? Well, that takes it over the top. The shatter-crisp coating of the perfectly fried ones at Star Ginger (the recently opened East Sacramento eatery owned by chef Mai Pham) quickly became our new favorite treat, thanks to a pairing with a dipping sauce of zingy Sriracha aioli. And then we tasted the adorable, delicious sweet potato tots from MiniBurger. It turned out we had a tie for our yam affections. MiniBurger owner Davin Vculek is cagey about what makes the tiny tots so delicious (calling them a “secret weapon”), but there’s no doubt about it: These are the tots you only wish your grade-school cafeteria had. How do we choose which to have with lunch? Well, it’s a toss-up, so we let the location of the MiniBurger truck (tweeted daily; get there as fast as you can) decide for us. Either way, you can’t go wrong. These spuds are for you. Star Ginger: 3101 Folsom Blvd. 231-8888. starginger.com. MiniBurger: locations vary. miniburgertruck.com

Way to Jazz Up Your Weekend
In 2002, Time magazine famously declared Sacramento the most diverse city in America, and by the looks of the crowd gathering at Old Soul at 40 Acres’ new Friday live music nights, we’re in no danger of losing our melting-pot crown. People of all races and ages are here from 7:30-9:30 p.m. to catch a regular rotation of acts, from jazz quartet Lambazz to blues-soul-rock band Tess and Hip Trash. And come mid-June, they’ll be able to get a little BBQ with their B.B. King when Old Soul starts grilling up tri-tips and garden burgers. Wash ’em down with a glass of an exclusive coffee porter brewed by Rubicon, or on cool summer nights, a cup of hot cocoa made from a blend of Ginger Elizabeth and Ghirardelli chocolates. A night of sweet treats and even sweeter sounds? We’re getting Friday night fever just thinking about it. 3434 Broadway. 453-8540. oldsoulco.com

Mystery Meat
Feeling lucky? Then order the Corti Special next time you’re in the understandably long line at the venerable specialty market that Colman Andrews (co-founder of Saveur magazine) once called the world’s best grocery store. At just $4.99, it’s the least expensive sandwich on their menu, by far the most popular, and definitely the most fun: Every time you order, you get a different combination of meats (it’s put together from meats the deli staffers overcut) that are all top-notch quality, ranging from mortadella to turkey, prosciutto to bologna. You circle the bread and fixings you prefer on your sandwich form, and then you pick up your hefty poor boy a few minutes later. (While you’re waiting, browse the amazing selection of specialty pickles and arcane liqueurs that line the aisle opposite the deli counter.) And we do mean hefty: on a recent occasion, a Corti Special stuffed with ham, salami and plenty more weighed in at a whopping 1 pound, 9 3/4 ounces. Talk about a lucky number. 5810 Folsom Blvd. 736-3800. cortibros.biz

Staycation Spot

From its prime riverfront location in the heart of Old Sacramento, to its lavish champagne Sunday buffet brunch, and its rich history—we love everything about the Delta King. But one thing even frequent visitors may not know about this local landmark that has counted Gov. Jerry Brown and actor Josh Brolin among its guests, is its romantic, old-world Captain’s Quarters that will make you feel as glamorous as Kate and Leo in Titanic. Sitting at the bow of the historic steamboat, the 1,200-square-foot, bi-level suite boasts a wet bar, library, fresh bouquet of a dozen red roses, pull-chain loo, 16-foot ceilings and, naturally, a prominent wooden steering wheel that harks back to the room’s former life as the boat’s wheelhouse. And last but not least, a private wraparound deck overlooking the Sacramento River, which will make you want to shout, “I’m the king of the world!” and actually feel like one, too. $650 per night. 1000 Front St. 444-5464. deltaking.com

Special Delivery
Busy Bees Cupcakery may be brand new, but it’s already as busy as the name implies—and no wonder. It’s a mind-boggling concept: You order cupcakes, and they’re brought right to your door (with just 24 hours notice or sometimes less). Dangerous, we know. Even better: the unbelievably moist cakes (many of them filled) come in fun flavors like peanut butter cup (cutely topped with chopped candies, this was the first flavor owner Bridget Pesce developed); the After-Dinner Mint, with a gooey peppermint patty baked right in; and Caramel Delight, topped with homemade Dulce de leche. She offers a number of sweet vegan flavors, too, from coconut to red velvet. And Pesce hopes to eventually launch a cupcake truck as well. No one is safe. 243-8479. busybeescupcakery.com


Blue-Light Special
When Nacht & Lewis Architects and Skanska designed the new Sacramento Central Utility Plant to house and circulate water to cool 23 downtown office buildings, they smartly played off the inspiration of blue water. And it didn’t hurt that a growing number of downtown structures were making their mark with bold blue lighting features (the U.S. Bank Tower, Esquire Tower, Convention Center, and the Alhambra Reservoir to name a few). The result is a 126-foot “thermal energy storage tank” that holds 4.5 million gallons of water and adds to the skyline at the same time. Look closely and you’ll see a simulated water drop, with blue and white insulating tiles that dissipate toward the top, as well as a steel crown and an aluminum mesh screen that “splash” outward, all surrounded by blue lights that set the tank aglow at night. When it comes to public utility plants, this is one tall, cool drink of water. 625 Q St.