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Pizzasaurus Rex roars into Sacramento

Midtown’s newest pizza joint, Pizzasaurus Rex, will be joining Sacramento’s crust-aceous era when it opens hopefully this Saturday, Jan. 16, in the former Sticky Gator BBQ space at K and 24th streets. “We had been playing around with much more…

The Call of the Wild

Our region is a hiker’s paradise, but the one part that isn’t so heavenly is the pitiful state of restroom pit stops. One Colorado group has engineered a dignified solution.

Sactown's Most Popular Stories of 2020

Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. Our rearview mirror may not be rose-colored, but many of the standout discoveries that emerged from the pre-vaccine blur are still proving relevant now that 2021 is underway. Without further ado—drumroll, please—we present Sactown’s…

Once Upon a Time in Mezcalifornia

For centuries, mezcal—the ancient intoxicant steeped in Mexican tradition—has sprouted almost exclusively from the vast agave farms south of our border. But one Yolo County hobbyist farmer believes that climate change, of all things, has the potential to spur a California version of the storied spirit to take root right here. And despite extraordinary odds, he might just get his day in the sun.

Fire and Spice

A next-gen Persian restaurant opens in midtown, serving up classics like saffron-seasoned, flame-grilled kebabs alongside newfangled Old Fashioneds infused with smoked tea leaves.

Q&A: Sacramento's Creative Economy Manager Megan Van Voorhis

Growing up in Flint, Michigan, Megan Van Voorhis wanted to be a ballerina like the one she saw twirling on an episode of Sesame Street. It wasn’t until she took a business administration class in college that she realized her calling wasn’t to make art, but to make art possible. As the head of Arts Cleveland, she introduced innovative programs linking art with health care and helping creators access their inner entrepreneurs. As Sacramento’s freshly appointed Cultural and Creative Economy Manager, the former dancer takes the stage for her next act. Here the new 916 resident talks about the arts’ influence on the GDP, how to reopen venues safely in the age of Covid, and why the ability to create is a basic human right.

Looky Loos

In Tokyo, a world-renowned architect conjured up an elegant solution to a not-so-elegant urban problem: public toilets. Sacramento needs to take the plunge on his very creative idea to build restrooms with, yes, see-through walls.

Spreading His Wings

  Every time cult musician Anton Barbeau returns to his native Sacramento from the various European cities he’s lived in during the last 14 years, it’s always the quality of the sunlight that makes the place feel like home. “There’s…

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