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Love Shack

The Urban Roots team brings new life to a beloved East Sacramento hangout, retaining its unique flavor while reimagining it with a Mexican comfort menu. Cervecería at The Shack, welcome to the neighborhood.

Action Planet

It’s easy to be green this spring. From planting trees to catching an eco-themed juggling act, here are five fun (and free) ways to celebrate Earth Day and help the planet throughout the month of April.

Love Language

Brenda Novak knows a fine romance when she writes one. As the Auburn-based best-selling novelist gets set to release her newest love story and embark on a cross-country Airstream book tour, she talks about her own love story, her days slinging books at the State Fair and living the California dream.

Out and About in March and April 2023

  National Geographic Live  March 9 Photographer Keith Ladzinski has captured everything from Antarctic icescapes to terrifying tornadoes for National Geographic over the past 10 years. In a presentation titled “Force of Nature”—which could equally describe the lensman or his…

8 Great Ways to Make Sacramento More Fun

  Let’s Celebrate Democracy… Where It Happens With an urgent new focus on democracy in America, our very own state house is where we should gather to commemorate the Fourth of July in star-spangled fashion. Photo…

A Bird’s-Eye View

  You joined the Sacramento Ballet as executive director in 2017, but you began your career as a ballet dancer. How common is it in your field for an executive to start off as a creative? I actually don't know…

Chow Bella

Willow serves up love, Southern Italian style, with a side of colorful and texture-rich decor. After three tough pandemic-impacted years, the downtown restaurant scene is looking up.

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