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Fit for a King

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed in January, now is the time to honor him in California’s capital with a statue befitting his legacy.

A Leap of Faith

One afternoon in June 2020, Mark Reck was on the back nine at WildHawk Golf Club near Elk Grove swinging away to the sounds of John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk and Ella Fitzgerald streaming through his earbuds when inspiration struck for…

Q&A with Gulshan Yusufzai

One in nine Afghan natives living in the United States reside in Sacramento, and Gulshan Yusufzai is among them. She fled Afghanistan with her family in the 1980s during the Soviet invasion of the country, landing here when she was…

A Star Is Born

Nearly 15 years in the making, the SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity is ready to open a portal to both the past and the future on the banks of the Sacramento River, pairing a historic 1912 power station with Northern California’s most advanced planetarium. Its mission: Reinvigorate the waterfront, position our region as a tech and health sciences powerhouse, and ultimately inspire generations of kids from all walks of life to dig deeper, reach further, dream bigger and discover for themselves that the sky’s the limit.

Trash Talk

The Idea For Baltimoreans, their harbor has long been a point of civic pride. But while serving as the director of the Baltimore Maritime Museum, John Kellett would walk by the harbor on his way to work every day and…

Super Natural

California’s oldest living tree, the Jurupa Oak, is believed to have sprouted thirteen thousand years ago. St. Peter’s Basilica? Notre-Dame? Those man-made monuments have nothing on California’s sometimes millennia-old cathedrals—the groves of oak, cedar, spruce and sequoia that dot our…

The Art of Hot Chocolate

Inspired by ancient Mayan jars, like the one she spotted on The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, Cru Chocolate co-owner Karla McNeil-Rueda (pictured above) commissioned spouted cups for her Roseville-based business that specializes in Central American “heritage cacao.” Cru’s modern…

Fright Bites

Eat, shriek and be merry with the Ghost Mont Blanc desserts from Ettore’s, billowing right on cue for Halloween. Eyeing the similarities between the mountain-top-like contours of the traditional chestnut-flavored European pastry and the charming bedsheet embodiment of a cartoon…

Big in Japan(ese)

Daisuke Tsuji has clowned around (literally) for Cirque du Soleil, appeared on stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, voiced the lead character in the blockbuster video game Ghost of Tsushima (a role that earned him a BAFTA nomination), and acted…

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