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Small Wonders

With the need for homeless housing solutions greater than ever, an aspirational new architecture competition is yielding innovative ways to approach domestic design.

Designs Within Reach 2019

Over the next few years, new structures totaling well over a million square feet will rise in the central city. Here's a sneak peek at five potentially transformative projects that will help shape Sacramento for generations to come.

The Ice Blocks Cometh

It is, by all appearances, an urban utopia. Come this spring, more than 500 people will work there, more than 200 will live there, and thousands more will dine and shop there. And this bustling village within a city—elevated by art and cutting-edge architecture—all exists within a two-block span in the coolest district in town. Could the Ice Blocks be the new model for modern living in Sacramento?

Fields of Gold

Every autumn on the Sacramento State campus, bright yellow ginkgo leaves fall from their branches and form vibrant canvases for environmental artist Joanna Hedrick, who patiently shapes them into mesmerizing designs. With a humble rake as her paintbrush, she creates ephemeral works of art that make a lasting impression.

The Scene Setter

If dining out is a theatrical experience, then Sacramento interior designer Whitney Johnson may be the city’s leading set designer, crafting visual feasts to complement the edible art on our plates. And she’s just getting started. With a bevy of savory new projects about to be launched, the 31-year-old Rocklin native is more poised than ever to design and conquer.

Modern Classics

With a new landmark study, Sacramento is officially recognizing the mid-century modern structures that define a critical period in our city’s architectural history. Here are five retro-cool gems—from Gunther’s to Eichlers—that deserve a deeper look into what makes them both time-specific and timeless.

Raising the Barn

On the banks of the mighty Sacramento River, an instant architectural icon has sprouted from the earth, connecting the natural landscape of the riverfront to its modern neighbors ashore, all while making a bold statement about our region’s history and our new civic identity. Here’s how our newest urban landmark was born.

Bruce Monighan Q&A

In December, local architect Bruce Monighan took on the role of Sacramento’s Urban Design Manager. He shares his vision for creating a distinctive regional style, using steel shipping containers in architecture, attracting the next generation of downtown dwellers (hello, flexible micro-apartments), and building a city for the 22nd century.

Glass Act

The future is now for Vision Service Plan: The Rancho Cordova-based insurer is teaming with Google to manufacture and distribute prescription lenses developed expressly for Google Glass, the revolutionary computer-enabled eyewear expected to hit the retail market later this year.

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