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People-Powered Art

From Iowa City to Boston and beyond, interactive art installations are drawing crowds to experience art firsthand. Sacramento should get in on the action too.

A Rainbow Connection

The Idea If any members of our society deserve some access to healthy fun, it's children who are sick or injured. So, long before the Perth Children's Hospital in Australia opened in 2018, there was a growing movement to connect…

All the World’s a Stage

From San Francisco to New York, a handful of theater companies have broken out of, well, the actual theater to take their shows into parks and playgrounds. We should think outside the black box too.

The Art of Recycling

Plastic bottles are filling up rivers and oceans at an alarming rate. But a growing number of cities are finding a whimsical new lure to catch them before they hit the water. We should go fish too.

Bee the Change

In recent years, a global trend of topping bus shelters with bee-friendly gardens has been spreading like, well, wildflowers. With Earth Day coming up on April 22, here’s the buzz on eco-forward “bee stops.”

Sowing the Seeds of Change

Pocket forests are sprouting in cities around the globe as a surprisingly effective way to fight climate change. It’s time for us to branch out too.

Wayne’s World

Last year, Sacramento lost a local legend—painter Wayne Thiebaud. Like other cities around the country have done, we should remember our greatest hometown artist with a museum befitting his global stature.

Walking on Air

The Idea Public art is critical to the vibrancy of any city, but two German artists, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, have taken the idea of public art to new heights. In 2011, the duo created their first example of…

Sitting Down with a Good Book

The Idea In 2014, the United Kingdom’s National Literacy Trust partnered with the British-based arts group called Wild in Art to raise awareness and funding for literacy programs in underprivileged communities. The concept: Fabricate and paint 50 public benches that…

Fit for a King

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed in January, now is the time to honor him in California’s capital with a statue befitting his legacy.

Trash Talk

The Idea For Baltimoreans, their harbor has long been a point of civic pride. But while serving as the director of the Baltimore Maritime Museum, John Kellett would walk by the harbor on his way to work every day and…

The Wonders Down Under

In many cities around the country, people are looking down on public art—about 5 to 6 feet down. It’s time to wash that gray right out of our streets.

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