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10 Cool Winter Hikes

Most of us think of hiking as a fair-weather endeavor, but this winter, the best—and safest—cure for your pandemic-induced cabin fever might just be an unseasonable expedition into the great outdoors. Luckily, our region’s topographical riches and relatively temperate temperatures (even in the dead of January) mean there’s something for every kind of cold-season walker, whether you’re an indoorsy urbanite jonesing for a riverside stroll, a history buff in search of a summit view, or an adventurous ambler looking for a snow day. To help us answer the call of the wild, Sactown’s resident hiking expert has rounded up a dectet of soul-warming treks around town. Now’s the perfect time to walk a mile (or 2 or 10) in her shoes.

Homes Away From Home

Want to get away without going away? Whether you dream of a house on the water, long for the simple pleasures of farming life, wish to be whisked to Middle-earth, or yen for some Zen, we've got the perfect Airbnb abode for the ultimate staycation. So go ahead, relax—in a Hollywood-worthy country cottage or an opulent Mongolian yurt—and make yourself at home.

Go with the Flow

Thanks to the swiftly melting snowpack of the High Sierras, the American River is once again bursting with whitewater rapids. We’ve got the lowdown on the splashiest summertime rafting trips in the region, whether you are wet behind the ears or ready to dive right in.

Hidden Treasures

Forget Paris—or Point Reyes. From wine tasting in Suisun Valley to eating America’s best burger in Truckee, if you want to get away from both your normal routine and the crowds, we’ve got secret worlds in Northern California for you to discover this summer. Adventure is out there—hide and go seek.

Walk These Ways

The heat has died down and the crowds have thinned out—fall is the perfect time to tackle our region’s stunning trails. So we’ve tracked down 10 of the absolute best—from scenic strolls to challenging treks—all close to home. Now go take a hike!

Valentine's Bay

With exotic flowers, oysters on ice and romantic sunset views, now’s the perfect time to visit San Francisco for a lovely (and lusty) weekend.

Small Wonders

Big cities are fun, but small towns have big advantages, too. Think beach picnics with freshly shucked oysters and crisp regional wines; corn buttermilk pancakes in a mountain cottage; or waking up to the sound of seagulls. Let’s get small!

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