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10 delicious ways to roll with it on International Sushi Day

10 delicious ways to roll with it on International Sushi Day

Image courtesy of Mikuni Kaizen

International Sushi Day is the perfect time to try the region's most popular rolls, like the Triple P Garibaldi roll at Mikuni Kaizen in Roseville.

As International Sushi Day rolls around on Thursday, June 18, we’ve packed together 10 of the region’s most popular rolls—from a fiery seafood sensation to a sweet roll made with Rice Krispies Treats—for you to sink your teeth (and chopsticks) into.

If South Land Park is your home base, you might be familiar with the Ichiro roll from this local sushi hot spot. The popular customer favorite is stuffed with delicate pieces of seared tuna (torched briefly on an open flame) and creamy slices of fresh avocado. The roll is then topped with raw salmon (which arrives fresh to the restaurant daily), bits of green onion and a combination of the restaurant’s special sauces, including Sriracha and a house-made spicy mayonnaise. $9.50. 4960 Freeport Blvd. 731-8288. akebonojapaneserestaurant.com

Azukar Sushi
Go big or go home with the Buffalo roll at this Natomas all-you-can-eat sushi bar. This specialty roll fuses two Japanese favorites: beef teriyaki and sushi, by stuffing the seaweed and rice roll with tender chunks stir-fried beef (which is marinated overnight in soy sauce and garlic to add a sweet and spicy taste) and thin slices of caramelized onion. The fusion dish is topped with slices of fresh green onion and drizzled in a sweet ginger sesame dressing and a rich teriyaki sauce. $9.95. 1516 W El Camino Ave. 504-1121. azukarsushi.com

Blue Nami
If you think you can’t have sushi for brunch, you haven't tried the Tora! Tora! Tora! roll from this local sushi chain. Wrapped inside a fluffy egg omelet, this savory roll is filled with slices of zesty grilled chicken (marinated overnight in sugar, soy sauce and Korean hot pepper paste), tempura shrimp and tangy artichoke hearts. Garnished with a house-made mango salsa and nutty quinoa, this offbeat sushi roll will hold you over all day long. $17.95. Roseville: 1465 Eureka Rd. 787-1177. Folsom: 330 Palladio Pkwy. 983-3388. Orangevale: 8807 Greenback Ln. 988-2300. bluenamisushi.com

Ju Hachi
After becoming a finalist in the 2006 Sushi Masters event—during which California sushi chefs went head to head to make their best rolls—executive chef Tapa Watanabe’s Double T-Roll has been a signature menu item at this downtown Japanese bar. The innovative dish features delicate cuts of tuna, spicy snow crab and avocado inside a thin soy wrap, which is covered with an egg roll wrapper and lightly fried to add an extra crunch. The double-wrapped roll is served on a layer of sweet unagi teriyaki sauce mixed with a spicy orange mayonnaise to provide an extra kick. $16.50. 1730 S St. 448-3481. juhachirestaurant.com

Brighten up your day with the Sunshine roll at this celebrated midtown sushi mecca. Created by chef-owner Billy Ngo, this modern classic is stuffed with crispy tempura shrimp, spicy tuna and chunks of fresh green apple, which add a tartness and crunchy texture to the soft, vinegar-seasoned rice. On top of the roll, you’ll taste special toppings like seared walu (lean Hawaiian sea bass) and arare (tiny crunchy rice crackers), as well as sushi staples like fresh avocado, micro cilantro and crispy fried leeks. Finishing off the dish are drizzles of Kru’s signature house-made sauces, including a creamy spicy garlic sauce and sweet chili oil. $14.50. 2516 J St. 551-1559. krurestaurant.com