7 Days of Pie: Tower Café's lemon raspberry meringue pie

Towercafe Pie1
Photo by Kelly Diepenbrock
The lemon raspberry meringue pie at Tower Café

Fall is here, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you're looking for just the right dessert to take to your holiday gathering, share with the office or just enjoy at home, we have you covered: Every day this week, we'll be dishing out some highlights from the region's seasonal bounty of pie, from pumpkin to pecan to fruit and beyond, starting with this seasonal meringue pie from Tower Café. Enjoy Sactown's 7 Days of Pie!

THE PIE:  Lemon raspberry meringue from Tower Café

WHY IT’S SPECIAL: Tower Café pastry chefs Louise Maestretti and Lori Allen say they were inspired to create this pie as a tart and tangy complement to traditional fall desserts. The scratch-made pâte sucrée—a dense, cookie-like crust rich with egg yolks and a touch of sugar—balances out both the airy topping and the zip of the lemon-and-raspberry purée filling. A quick stroke of flame from Maestretti’s hand torch adds the finishing touch to the pie’s fluffy yet sturdy Italian meringue.

CHEF’S NOTES: “You eat with your eyes first, so I wanted to make it as pretty as possible,” says Maestretti. “I wanted something with color, and this time of year, because lemons are at their best, it’s a great combination that you don’t see very often.”

COST: $30 per pie.

WHEN TO ORDER IT: For Thanksgiving, order by Nov. 25 at 4 p.m.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Tower Café. 1518 Broadway. 441-0222. towercafe.com

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