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Cuisine: French, International

Essential Information

1730 L St., Sacramento, CA 95811

This creperie, which opened in midtown in 2004 (there’s another location in Davis), brings an impressive menu and a comfortable neighborhood feel. From tasty crepe dishes to fresh sandwiches, salads and seafood entrées, the chalkboard wall menu lays out your options. Feel like a breakfast crepe at 9 p.m.? Pas de problème! Or perhaps a dessert crepe at breakfast? Our favorite: the caramel apple crepe, with thinly sliced apples in a warm caramel sauce and topped with true whipped cream. If you really want to go authentic, try the one with chocolatey Nutella (peanut butter is optional).

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Midtown
Average Entrée Price: $10 and under
Serving: Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner, Lunch
Offering: Outdoor Seating