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Flame & Fire


Essential Information

963 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville, CA

Diners had better come hungry to the Sacramento region’s only churrascaria, a bustling Brazilian-style steakhouse whose all-you-can-eat windfall combines more than a dozen succulent meats with a deep, diverse range of salads and specialties from the South American homeland. The restaurant’s uniformed “gauchos” stay busy throughout the dining room, appearing at tableside to carve juicy menu highlights like top and bottom sirloin coated in salt and pepper, smoky Brazilian sausage, leg of lamb and even grilled pineapple. Meanwhile, try the traditional salpicão (a chicken salad with carrots, raisins, corn, green onions and topped with fried potato sticks) for a light and savory counterpoint en route to desserts like the passion fruit mousse—a sweet, satisfying way to wind down your carnivore carnaval.

Additional Information

Neighborhood: Roseville
Average Entrée Price: above $20
Serving: Dinner, Lunch
Offering: Outdoor Seating