The California Museum presents its newest Hall of Fame exhibit

This Iron Man suit will be among the personal artifacts featured at the California Museum's new California Hall of Fame exhibit, which will open on Oct. 29. Inductee Robert Downey Jr. hand-selected the 6-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide metal armor—which the actor wore in the first “Iron Man” film and typically displays in his home office in Venice—to represent him in the show.

The ninth annual California Hall of Fame exhibit opens on Oct. 29, featuring cool artifacts from the newest slate of inductees, which includes Sacramento’s own Lester Holt and actor Robert Downey Jr. Here’s a sneak peek at the items on display, from Downey’s Iron Man suit to a rejection letter that Holt, the new anchor of NBC Nightly News, received from NBC as a teen. (The photo gallery is below. Click on images to enlarge them and for caption info.)