Trailer Made

An Auburn composer goes Hollywood with music for movie trailers and television shows.
Trammell Playlede Thumb
Composer Jack Trammell at his Fat Cat Recording studio in North Highlands (Portrait by Jeremy Sykes)

Ever since 2011, when his song “Tactical Dominance” was used for a Call of Duty preview clip, it’s been game on for Jack Trammell’s career. “The product I came out with was so different, [clients] couldn’t get enough of it—it was crazy,” says the Auburn-based composer, whose music has now been featured in countless trailers for films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as on TV shows like The Blacklist, Fox NFL Sunday and American Idol. Trammell’s “electronic-orchestral hybrid with dubstep influence” style of music—which he creates at home and at his North Highlands studio Fat Cat Recording—can currently be heard in trailers for upcoming films like Luc Besson’s The Transporter: Refueled and Everest, an action-adventure movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal whose preview (which you can watch below) showcases two new tracks, “Burning Chrome Album” and “Anger and Disdain,” from Trammell’s sixth studio album, Deviant, which will be available on iTunes this summer.