Vanilla, Iced

A local cocktail bar mixes bespoke bourbon with a classic ice cream flavor to create the ultimate adult milkshake
1010 Bourbonmilkshake
Photo by Anna Wick

T Think vanilla’s plain? Ten Ten Room co-owner Tyler Williams sure doesn’t. “I’ve been a fan my entire life,” he enthuses. Sample the downtown cocktail lounge’s new Bourbon Vanilla Milkshake (which the barkeep dreamed up with general manager Kristin Sweeney), and you might just become a flavor convert. The creamy (but not ice creamy) concoction is a medley of soy milk, vanilla extract, simple syrup and bourbon—a variety from Woodford Reserve that Williams handpicked on a visit to its Kentucky distillery last December—which is blended to frozen perfection in an industrial slushy machine and topped with a dusting of cinnamon. With its frosty-toasty combo of icy texture and throat-warming spirit, this elixir is one sweet bourbon-based drink to chill with, especially on a hot summer afternoon.

$10. 1010 10th St. 916-272-2888.