Fright Bites

Raise your spirits with these apparitional treats
Ghost Mont Blanc
(Photo courtesy of Ettore's)

Eat, shriek and be merry with the Ghost Mont Blanc desserts from Ettore’s, billowing right on cue for Halloween. Eyeing the similarities between the mountain-top-like contours of the traditional chestnut-flavored European pastry and the charming bedsheet embodiment of a cartoon spook, the Arden-Arcade bakery’s Swiss founder and former pâtissier Ettore Ravazzolo conjured the confectionary Casper a quarter century ago. Building the three-bite delight starts with a sugar cookie base coated with a light layer of raspberry jam. Chocolate sponge cake is next, followed by a peak of house-made pastry cream flavored with Callebaut white chocolate. A coating of thin dark chocolate seals the chilled tiers—and provides a hauntingly satisfying Eskimo Pie-style snap that contrasts the dreamy, whipped interior—for a final drape of white fondant decorated with silly sugar peepers. After all, ghouls just wanna have fun.

$4.95 each. Available for preorder and walk-in purchase through Halloween. 2376 Fair Oaks Blvd. 916-482-0708.