Aero México

Head south of the border this summer (without leaving midtown) with a taco flight that’ll take you on a high-flying culinary adventure
Midtown Cantina Alley Taco Flight
Photo by Marc Thomas Kallweit

Talk about a destination dish. Get set to jet to Mexico as you savor each dangling morsel of the whimsical taco flight at Midtown’s Cantina Alley. The Tacolgando (a portmanteau of “taco” and colgando, or “hanging”)—a quartet of folded tortillas filled with savory goodness and served suspended mid-air from a tabletop tower—makes for a sunny summer dinner as it swoops in under colorful festival flags to land on your table in the restaurant’s courtyard patio. First stop (as pictured above from right to left) is the charry meatiness of carne asada with a squeeze of fresh lime, followed by a street taco with gently spicy chorizo made by Woodland-based Afridi Food Company, whose owners hail from Mexico City. Then you’re off for a stunning take on traditional al pastor, featuring pork marinated overnight in house-made achiote salsa and served with grilled pineapple (you’ll want to ask for an extra tortilla to soak up the copious juices). Ah, but buckle up, because here comes the best part of the trip, in our humble, hungry opinion: the crispy papas taco, an airy, crunchy hard shell stuffed with smoky fried potato mash and sublimely spiked with onion, chili and paprika. It’s the unexpected veggie vacation your taste buds didn’t know they craved. Buen viaje!

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