Sactown Magazine - October-November 2015

Q&A with Bill Mueller, CEO of Valley Vision

They say it takes a village, but when local political and business leaders need help, it takes Valley Vision. This Sacramento-based nonprofit was founded in 1994 to assist public and private organizations in solving complex regional issues. And this November, it will host an event called Region Rising with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments. Valley Vision CEO Bill Mueller talks about civic cooperation, creating a “fun” public policy conference, and how this area can become the “best place to live on the planet.” 

Ready for Prime Time

Forty years after his first break at KCRA, Lester Holt was tapped this summer for the top spot in American broadcast journalism—the anchor of "NBC Nightly News." Here’s how “Lightning Bolt Holt” guided his career from the streets of Rancho Cordova to the heart of Rockefeller Center.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

For decades, civic and state leaders have tried—and failed—to conjure a Capitol Mall worthy of its namesake building. Now is the time to sharpen our focus on our city’s grandest gateway.

Tree Mail

When Melbourne, Australia, assigned each of its trees an individual email address, they hoped residents would write in to report damaged or dying trees. Instead, the elms, oaks and others received an altogether unexpected form of communication -- love letters. We think Melbourne is barking up the right tree.