Sactown Magazine - April-May 2015

Fruitful Endeavor

A local mother-and-daughter team encourages leaps of faith (and take one of their own) with their lemony-fresh debut book

What's Her Excuse?

In 2012, an Elk Grove mother of three caused a social media stir with a single Facebook post. By 2013, that post went viral, transforming Maria Kang into a polarizing figure at the center of a national debate on obesity and fitness. With a new book out and her nascent “no excuses” movement growing, she’s grabbing the spotlight again. Is she helping or hurting? It’s more complicated than you might think.

A Long, Strange Trip

With All Things Must Pass, his documentary chronicling the epic rise and fall of Tower Records, actor-director Colin Hanks brings the story of his hometown’s most famous, freewheeling brand to life on the big screen.

The Vinyl Frontier

Since 2007, when Dilyn Radakovitz, owner of the Sacramento-based Dimple Records chain, helped create Record Store Day, the national event has grown into a beloved rite of spring for music collectors across America. With this year’s celebration on track for Saturday, April 18, and with the recent resurgence in interest for LPs, we’ve spun up a list of the region’s coolest vinyl vendors.

River Cats GM Chip Maxson

After 15 seasons with the Oakland A’s organization, the Sacramento River Cats thrilled San Francisco Giants fans throughout the region last fall by switching affiliations to the reigning World Series champions. With the new season starting April 9, River Cats general manager Chip Maxson talks about what the change means to fans, what else is new at Raley Field for 2015, and our one-of-a-kind ballpark cuisine that has them buzzing all the way down in Florida. 

Nightmare on Elm Streets

Long before we became known as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, Sacramentans beamed with pride at the moniker the City of Trees. But one of the trees responsible for that label is disappearing at an alarming rate. Here’s why we need to stem the losses before it’s too late.

For the Record

From Cleveland to Nashville, music-themed museums draw huge numbers across the country, but each is limited by the genre it celebrates. We should create the ultimate music museum by honoring the ultimate music institution: Tower Records.