Sactown Magazine - June-July 2013

A Life in Black and White

He grew up knowing some of America’s greatest photographers, from Edward Weston (his namesake) to Ansel Adams. A new exhibit focuses on Kurt Edward Fishback’s black-and-white portraits of some equally famous and very colorful artists.

Meet George Jetson

After 50 years, is Paul Moller’s quest to create the world’s first flying car about to come true? Someone may be betting nearly $500 million that it will.


The Kings are staying and Sacramento finally has a shot at getting the urban core it deserves. We have a few ideas for it.

Container Enthusiasm

In cities around the world, steel shipping containers are being used to create stylish and quirky pop-up shops, cafe and hotels. With our own deep-water port and long shipping history, it’s time for Sacramento to be the world’s newest pop-up city.