Sactown Magazine - June-July 2014

The Naked City

Stripped of people, cars and color, Dennis Bylo’s streetscapes tell a story of a Sacramento that we rarely see, even when we are staring right at it.

Best of the City 2014

Custard made with deconstructed craft beer, a hot dog made into a taco, a cool dog that’s setting the political world atwitter, cocktails from a barrel, coffee from a keg, mini pies on wheels, a 9-year-old advice guru, a 95-year-old paperboy, and more. For the sixth time, we present our annual guide to the finest places, people and things that Sacramento has to offer, proving once again that there’s no place like our hometown.

Designs Within Reach 2014

Thanks to some big thinkers and talented designers, our region’s architectural profile is poised to rise in the next few years, both literally and figuratively. Here’s a preview of some of our faves.

Reintroducing Brent Bourgeois

After two decades away, singer-songwriter Brent Bourgeois returns to the microphone June 2 with his new solo album Don’t Look Back, which features his former Bourgeois Tagg bandmates as well as friends like Todd Rundgren and Julian Lennon.

Google Eyes

We’ve proven that we can come together to help launch successful small businesses. Now let’s get creative about attracting some new Googles here, too.

Green is the New Black

With few public options for recycling in Sacramento, it’s time to trash our old way of thinking and create some stylish new ways to make our streets and parks as clean as our conscience.