Sactown Magazine - October-November 2011

Food for Thought

For decades, our region has struggled to find its national identity. But actually, it’s been here all along. Who knew that dirt would be so much more valuable than gold?

Walk These Ways

The heat has died down and the crowds have thinned out—fall is the perfect time to tackle our region’s stunning trails. So we’ve tracked down 10 of the absolute best—from scenic strolls to challenging treks—all close to home. Now go take a hike!

Brewster's Millions

After a multimillion-dollar renovation, one of Galt’s oldest and stateliest structures is now one of the Sacramento region’s newest culinary destinations.

Where the Streets Have Two Names

The practice of bestowing honorary street names on illustrious locals is a fast-growing trend. Imagine living on Oprah Winfrey Way in Chicago or Austin’s Willie Nelson Boulevard. Here’s why we need to pave the way for our own Avenue Q-Rating.