Sactown Magazine - August-September 2015

Sactown's Best BBQ

Sweet, savory, spicy, smoky… There’s no flavor that doesn’t come through in the magical realms of barbecue. And there’s no better time than these warm-weather days to bite into the meaty marvels grilled up by 10 of our region’s best barbecue wizards. Whether you prefer tender ribs straight out of Cajun country or Texas-tinged pulled pork smoked for 18 hours—or a heaping helping of both with three-alarm sauces and five-star side dishes—we’ve got your ’cue cravings covered. Dig in!

Paragary's Part Deux

California meets Paris as local restaurateur Randy Paragary reimagines his eponymous flagship restaurant as a Napa-style French bistro.

Linda Katehi Leans In

Four years after UC Davis police pepper-sprayed student protesters, chancellor Linda Katehi has not only strived to build stronger ties with her campus community, but her hyper-ambitious plans to transform UCD into one of the top 10 schools in America—and maybe help save the planet while doing it—finds her building an entirely new legacy for her university, and for herself.

Aqua Duck

Since 2007, a Dutch artist’s massive rubber ducks have been enthralling audiences in coastal and river cities around the world, bringing both whimsy and tangible economic impacts. Why don’t we take a quack at it?


As Sacramento’s farm-to-fork identity takes root, now is the time to replant our region’s biggest farmers’ market in a location that honors our agricultural heritage, not “cements” it.